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Matec Brasil is the Latin American subsidiary of the Matec industries S.r.l. group. In a territory undergoing great economic development and with incredible mineral resources, Matec has chosen to focus its attention, setting up its operational headquarters in Belo Horizonte, capital and beating heart of the economy of the Minas Gerais region, famous for its iron and aluminium mines. Thanks to the support of an attentive and well-prepared staff, Matec Brasil can guarantee technical and commercial support throughout the South American area while offering the security of a local interlocutor, capable of understanding the needs and requirements typical of these great mining lands.

Why I have to treat waste materials

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The reuse of inert waste has a strongly positive impact not only environmentally, but also for the economy of companies involved in aggregate mining and recovery. In fact, by recovering waste material to put it back into the production process, the company will have enormous benefits from an economic point of view and beyond.

By avoiding disposal, in fact, it will be possible to contain consumption and, as a result, significantly reduce costs, while also shortening work schedules. Matec plants are the complete, turnkey solution for recycling aggregates and wastewater.

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Technology and Innovation

The Matec plates Filter Press is designed to achieve the best results in industrial sludge dewatering. All Matec filter presses are designed for use with HPT (High Pressure Technology) capable of working both at operating pressures common to all filter presses, 5-7 bar, and at high pressures close to or above 16-21 bar. This is made possible by the highly specialised design of our machines and the use of the highest quality and engineering level components such as hydraulic power units and pistons, oversized chassis structures and in addition high pressure pumps.

We work for many different sectors, the most important being mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. Our mission is total customer satisfaction, so we offer prompt after-sales service, as well as pre-sales consulting to understand the real needs of our potential customers.


Sand & Soil Washing

Matec is an established leader in the design, manufacture and installation of purification and filtration plants. After more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of complete installations, we have started our own dedicated line of Purification and Filtration plants. This way, the best result is guaranteed.

Creating systems that harmonise industry and environment has always been our main goal.

Our machines, from the washing to the filter press, comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. 100% Made in Italy products to be assembled in our headquarters in Massa or in one of our branches around the world (USA, Brazil, Australia, Turkey or India) or on site, thanks to the work of a large team of engineers and technicians. Our machines can be stationary or modular, depending on the needs of the plant.
Matec plants, sewn to your needs.


Workflow of a Matec plant

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Dirty water pit

Clean water pit

Vertical thickener


Bifang homogenizer tank

HPT pump

Ignis Filter Press

Aggretec 150 - Washing Plant

Maxtec crushing machine

The raw material is discharged inside a scalper or crusher where it is reduced to the size needed to be processed by the washing plant. Based on the customer’s needs, the grain size of the outgoing material can be adjusted and an initial selection can be made.
The presorted material is transported from the main belt to the washing and screening plant where the Screentec vibrating screen washes and separates the gravels.

The finer material consisting of mud and sand is then processed in the Sandtec sand washing system, which separates the sands into fine and coarse by the action of its hydrocyclones, washing and separating them from the mud.

The waste water from washing is collected into the dirty water tank. The submersible pump sends the dirty water in the deep cone vertical thickener

The Flocculant prepared by the Bifloc is injected in the dirty water pipe, before entering the vertical thickener in which the decantation process takes place. Purified water overflows from the top of the thickener and ends into the clean water collecting pit

Thickened mud is sent into the Bifang homogenizer tank. The filter press closes and the HPT pump sends the mud into it. The New TT2 Fast opens the filter press in sections (for machines with over 50 plates) and the dry cakes are discharged.

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